Arrival & Check in Info - Ewen Henderson Court 宿舍入住事项

伦敦艺术大学广州招生代表处 | 2007-08-31

Arrival & Check in Information - Ewen Henderson Court

When you first arrive

There will be a few things that we will need to do before you move into your room:
We’ll need to check that your documents are all correct and you will have to provide us with two passport sized photographs at check-in.
You will be given a fire safety briefing and an overview of relevant safety features of the building
We will issue your keys and take you through the security details and show you to your room
You will find a Welcome Guide in your room – please read the contents of this guide carefully and in particular   the information contained in the check in inspection form.

Flat/room Inventory and Check in Inspection Record

Within the Welcome Guide you will find an inventory of items for your flat/room. Please check that all of the items listed in the inventory are present. Should any items listed not be present, please contact a member of the Hospitality Team within 48 hours of receiving your keys.
Within the Welcome Guide you will also find an Inspection Record. You will have to fill this in and return to your Hospitality Team within 48 hours.

Check in times

The check in times for Ewen Henderson Court are:
The Big Move-In weekend – Sunday 16th September 2007 from 10 am until 4pm
Monday to Friday following the 16th September, check in any time between 1pm and 10pm
As you can imagine, the move in weekend can get quite busy – so we will need you to be patient with us if there’s a queue.  We tend to get busy around lunchtime so earlier mornings are generally quieter.
To make an appointment or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly on 0208 694 7531 or
Arrival outside of normal office hours
If you need to check in outside the hours advertised above, please ensure you contact the property and book an appointment at a mutually convenient time.
There is adequate parking on Goodwood Road, and no parking restrictions.
Internet access
Internet Access is free and provided by the University of the Arts. Unite cannot help you with any internet related queries.
Contacting us
If you should have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 694 7531 or