James Acheson


James Acheson (born 1946) is a British costume designer.

Born in Leicester, Acheson has a twin brother, Patrick. In the early 1950s, Acheson was a pupil at St. Marys Convent School, in Priory Street,Colchester, along with his brother.

From 1957, Acheson started at Colchester Royal Grammar School.

Acheson played plenty of sport nevertheless, gaining school junior rugby and house colours. He studied at Wimbledon School of Art.

Acheson worked on Doctor Who in the 1970s, and has also worked on the Spider-Man films and designed the titular costume for Daredevil.

He has won three Academy Awards for Best Costume Design: The Last Emperor (1987), Dangerous Liaisons (1988) and Restoration (1995).

Acheson resides in Wellington, New Zealand.